Health Insurance and Getting Married 

Along with engaged couples planning their wedding, a less exciting aspect of sharing one's life together but just as important is how they will secure the care of their health in future years.  Engaged couples should be investigating whether their current insurance policy protects not only themselves, but their future spouse.  If both have health insurance, it may make sense to consolidate plans because it could be less expensive, but deciding which one takes research.

Do you automatically accept the one that costs less, but may not be as comprehensive in its benefits package?  Or do you take the one that costs more and has more benefit coverage?  Additional questions need to be asked, such as will the plan automatically accept the new spouse as a covered recipient?  What are the limitations and what is the time frame that the plan must be notified to add a new spouse?  Some plans have very specific requirements of when and how to add a spouse to your plan's coverage.

To determine which plan is more suitable you need to compare and review the monthly premium, deductibles/copayments, the type of plan it is (PPO or HMO or POS) and the type of benefits the plan covers.  If both have a health plan, and each add their spouse to their plan, then the secondary plan may actually cover any deductibles and copays required by the primary plan.  Having two plans is the best coverage, but it is also more expensive, because it requires two monthly insurance premiums to be paid.

Be prepared by researching early when a new spouse can be covered, when they can be eligible, if the premium costs change, what is covered by the plan and if there are any limitations.  If you would like to search for a health plan or would like assistance from an independent health insurance agent, click here for a free quote.

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