Health Insurance and Your New Baby

Health insurance is crucial when you have a new baby.  Newborns require annual check ups, immunizations, and countless other reasons why they may need to visit a medical provider.  If you have a health plan or are looking for a health plan, confirm the types of benefits that are available, and what the out of pocket expenses would be for various types of services, including vaccinations, checkups, hospitalizations, and if specialists are covered. 

Some questions include, a) confirming first of all that the delivery of your child is a covered expense, b) verify that well baby visits, check ups and immunizations are covered for your new born, and c) if  you have a preference of a family physician or specialist that these medical providers are covered and can be seen.

When your new baby is born, make sure you add your child to your health plan within the first 30 days of birth (check with your health plan to confirm the number of days you have to do this.)  Usually, a health plan may cover the care of a new baby for the first days of their life, usually 30 days, but will deny coverage after this period unless the parents add the child to the plan.  

There have been instances when parents forget to add their child to their plan or they assumed that their child would be automatically added to their plan, and then, unfortunately found out that there was no coverage for their child.  

If you would like to search for a health plan for your newborn, click here for a free quote.

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