Domestic Partners and Health Insurance

If you are looking to obtain health insurance coverage through your partner's health plan and you are not currently married, it may be a difficult task.   However, the tide is changing and we have just researched that there may be some states requiring health plans to offer health insurance coverage to their Domestic Partners.  

Though employers may not be required to do so, many have been moving in this direction and each year the list is growing of the number of Fortune 500 companies offering some type of Domestic Partner health insurance coverage.  Some cities may have also issued ordinances requiring business with municipal and governmental contracts to offer benefits to Domestic Partners if benefits under their plans are offered to married couples.  

In order to find a definitive answer for your situation, city and state, you must continue to do some additional research.  You could contact your State Insurance Department (click here to find your State Insurance Department's Website) and ask if there is a law requiring health plans to offer health insurance to Domestic Partners in your state.  

If benefits/coverage are offered, review specifically what is and is not covered and whether there are any conditions that must be met, for instance, whether unmarried partners must be living together for a specific time period, whether you are financially dependent upon one another, you have joint checking accounts, etc.

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