Appealing Health Insurance Denial

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We simplified the appeals process.  Always appeal a denial. 

If you receive a health insurance denial, you should always consider appealing it yourself.  We can guide you through the process.  A little time can save you a lot of money.  Using an attorney is very expensive and other websites may require a registration fee.  Items provided by Health Symphony are affordable and widely used.

Appealing a denial will require you to submit a formal appeal in writing  to your health plan.  Health Symphony has actual appeal letters sent to health insurance companies which have been successful in getting claims paid.  They are available to you and we guide you through it all.

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Most Common Denials

Learn about your denial.  What it means and how to appeal.  Request the appeal letter to appeal that denial.

Usual and Customary Denials               Out of Network Denials
No Authorization Denials                      Non Participating Denials
Surgical Weight Related Denials           Prescription Drug Denials
Medical Necessity Denials                     See All Other Denials

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