Switching Jobs and Health Insurance

When switching jobs, you should ask what type of health insurance benefit coverage is available and also if there are any benefit limitations of potential pre-existing requirements.   The type of health plan you will be receiving is a consideration of the full type of benefit package you will earn while employed.  

You should request a copy of the new plan's policy booklet and review the policy requirements.  If you have any questions about the types of plans offered, you should ask your employer or the Human Resources Department for answers.

If you are moving from a group health plan to another group health plan, then HIPAA may come into effect, because it enables you to apply the time earned from your previous group plan towards satisfying the pre-existing requirements of the new health plan.  

If you find that the new plan has a pre-existing limitation then consider looking into HIPAA or continue with COBRA.  For additional information see our articles on HIPAA and COBRA.  Be prepared and know the benefits, eligibility and any limitations of the new health plan before making decisions on switching jobs.  Also consider contacting your state insurance department for more details on laws applicable in your state.  

Your state's insurance department's website can be found here. 

If you would like to search for a health plan in your new area, click here for a free quote. 

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