The Most Common Denials:
Cash Pay Patients/Uninsured

Cash Pay Negotiation / Uninsured Patients
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If you don't have a health plan and need to seek medical treatment, always ask what the charge is prior to the service.  Did you notice when you entered your physician's office that they don't readily have their prices displayed on a menu or board, unlike if you were going to purchase any other item?  Even though the prices are not displayed, every physician and medical provider has a set fee schedule and they are not allowed to charge different amounts to different people.  But, they could extend discounts and work out payment arrangements.

Most health plans also don't pay 100% of the charge.  Health plans routinely enter into agreements with medical providers and may pay on average between 40 and 50% of the billed amount.  If health plans don't have to pay 100% of the charge, neither should  you.  Always negotiate the balance if you don't have health insurance.