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Health Symphony offers multiple reports available for your use.  

Option 1:      Order Appeal Letters

We have a listing of a variety of appeal letters for you to use as a guide when appealing issues you don't agree with made by your health plan.  Letters include appeals for medical necessity, non-covered service, benefit penalty and many more.

Option 2:       Usual and Customary Report

Are you the victim of a reduction of payment by your health plan, for which you are responsible for a larger portion of your medical or hospital bill?  Then you may be a victim of a health insurance company's arbitrary policy to reduce the amount they pay for your medical expenses.  Now you can fight back.  Order a Usual and Customary Report and receive all of the information you need to successfully appeal these reductions.

Option 3:      Medicare RBRVS Report

If you are negotiating with your physician or medical provider or are concerned that either your health plan is paying your medical expenses at a low rate or your medical provider is charging too high, then consider our RBRVS Report.  Compare your physician's billings and your health plan's payments with what Medicare would pay for similar services.  Most health plans today have contracted with physicians at a percentage of RBRVS, such as 125% of RBRVS, and is becoming the standard of how payments are made for medical expenses.  Now you have the power to perform a quick investigation yourself.